Friday, December 4, 2009

Bye bye Daisy!

Well today a nice family took Daisy, the puggle we tried to adopt, to live with them! We were disappointed that it didn't work out but know it's for the best! We're glad she has a good home now and Duchess is sleeping soundly trying to recover from the constant bugging! :) Duchess is probably relieved to be queen of the house once again!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daisy Update

Well it looks like we may be puggle-less by this sweet and cute as Daisy is, she has not been a good fit for our family. Since we have to keep her in a cage all day, by the time we get home she is WILD all night long...during the time when we just want to relax! She never tires out or gives Duchess a break, and she seems to be stressing us all out! We have talked to a couple who have another puggle with just as much energy, and they are coming to see her on Friday, and hopefully, make her part of their family. I think she would be a great dog for a family with a dog with as much energy as her, or if she was an "only dog", but she and Duchess are not meshing so well. (Duchess is really spoiled and used to being THE dog of the house!) So it looks like Duchess will be an "only child" until we have a real child! We're disappointed it didn't work out, but we think this is the best thing for our family right now! I am sure we will find her a great home to stay!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our new puppy!

We got a new puppy this weekend! Her name is Daisy and she is a puggle, a cross between a pug and a beagle. She's very sweet and lovable, and very playful! Duchess has done well with her so far, but is still not quite sure about her...she tends to still want to play long after Duchess has tired out! That and her piercingly shrill bark have been troublesome for this family transition, but we're hoping to break her of those habits! The people we got her from gave us some numbers of others who called about her, in case we can't make it work, but we're hoping it does because she's so cute and sweet! Here are some pics of our new girl!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

New pic of the Evans'

Here's a new pic of Mike and me from this past weekend!

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Mike's Job situation...

Today when Mike went to his in-service, he found out that his head coach got fired...meaning we weren't sure what was going to happen about Mike's job. After meeting with the Athletic Director Mike found out that since Coach McCone is leaving and they are getting a new head coach, more than likely the new coach will bring his own staff with him. So Crowley will honor Mike's contract through the end of they year, and then he will need to find another job if he wants to continue coaching....which if you know Mike, means he will be looking for another job. Luckily, it won't affect us right now, but it is a little scary to know that Mike will have to find another job before the next school year. We are just praying and trying to remember that the Lord has a plan for our lives, and he obviously is showing us that he has a better place in mind for Mike. We would appreciate all of your prayers as we try to find another teaching/coaching position for Mike!

Christen's Birthday weekend!

This weekend Mike and I went up to Lubbock to surprise Christen for her birthday. Ronnie and I worked so hard to surprise her and we got so close...until we were about 20 minutes outside of Lubbock! Then Ronnie handed Christen his phone, I texted him about directions....but she was so excited anyway and we had a great weekend! Here are some pics to recap our fun weekend!

This was us pretending to be surprised, even though we weren't really....LOL

This was us being really excited that we got Super Mario Bros. for the Wii! It was soooo fun! We were all 4 definitely addicted to this game!

Christen and me after we got our hair trimmed and highlighted!

Christen and me making mosaics at the Mud Room, a pottery painting place in Lubbock! So much fun!

Christen and I getting ready to go see "New Moon"! We loved it, the movie was so great!!

Eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel before we headed back home!

We had such a great weekend and we were so sad to have to come home! Sometimes I forget how much we miss those crazy Leidners, but we're so thankful for the time we do have together!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Cute Client Quote

This week, a little 7-year-old girl client asked if I could come to their house for Thanksgiving! When I said I couldn't because I would be with my family, she said, "I guess I understand that..." At least I know she likes me, right? :)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Client Quote of the Day

Said by a 13-year-old boy client: "I know they say talking about your feelings helps solve your problems, but my main problem is that my mom is always yelling at will talking about my feelings change that?"

He's very clever...

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Client quote of the day

Since I work with so many interesting clients everyday and I am amused/amazed by so many things they say, I thought I would start putting a "Client Quote of the Day" post on my blog each day. Hopefully you will all enjoy them! It will give you a tiny glimpse into what I hear every day!

Client quote of the day:
When doing a therapeutic activity with a child client called "The Worry Bee", in which the child writes his/her worries/sadnesses along the stripes of the bee, my 6-year-old client said, "I'm sad that Michael Jackson passed away, let's put that on there!" LOL, he's entitled to his feelings, what can I say?

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Wow, it's been awhile!

Life has been so busy lately I've been forgetting to post on my blog! I also need to redo our blog layout...will try to do that soon! Since my last post, I've been busy with work, family stuff, and I turned a year older! I'm now doesn't feel different but it sure sounds older! Here's a picture of Mike and me on my birthday, headed to Pappadeaux's!

And below are the beautiful flowers Mike got me!

Mike also got me a Kitchen Aid mixer, which I LOVE! I was very spoiled this year on my birthday!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Gran

As an update to my post from last night, I received word this morning that my Great Gran passed away late last night. I rejoice that she is home with the Lord, but our family will definitely feel her loss. Please pray for our family Friday at the funeral, and throughout the holidays as we celebrate the first ones without my dad and Great Gran. Thanks so much for the love and prayers!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Adorable puppy, she is...

When Mike and I were picking out our Halloween costumes for a party we're going to, we found this...Mike insisted we get Duchess another costume, and I have to say, it's pretty funny...

(She's Yoda, in case you can't tell!)
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My Great Gran

First of all, let me apologize for being such a blog neglector...I know you all missed me so much!

Anyway, I would love for all of you to keep my family in your prayers. My great grandma, affectionately known as "Great Gran" is not doing well, and it looks as though she may be in the end stages of her life. She is 99 years old, and will be 100 in December! Her body has started shutting down in the past few weeks, and the Hospice nurse said she thinks it might only be a few days. I went to see her last Wednesday and after seeing the condition she is in, I pray that the Lord takes her home to Him soon so she doesn't have to suffer. I know she is ready to be reunited with lots of special people.

That being said, losing her will be a huge loss for our family, especially if it happens before Thanksgiving. The Smith side of the family gets together every year at Thanksgiving, and it is already going to be hard without my Dad, since we lost him in June. Also, my poor Grandpa will have lost 2 sons and 2 brothers, and now his mom...say an extra prayer for strength for my grandpa as he might have to perform another family member's funeral. I appreciate all the prayers! Below is a picture of Great Gran and me from Thanksgiving last year...isn't she cute??

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Go Cowboys!

Duchess is all decked out today for the Cowboy game in her let's hope they win! She is wearing it without too much fight today...I think I'm wearing her down! ;) GO COWBOYS!!



Watching the game with Mike!

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Isn't she cute??

When I was grocery shopping this weekend, I saw the cutest fall doggie scarf and just had to get it! Duch looks so cute, and she actually doesn't mind it they way she does her Halloween costume or other clothes! See what you think...

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My lil' bro and sis

I took Friday off work to spend some time with my little brother and sister. I went to eat lunch with Danielle at school; she's now 13 and in 8th grade! I got to meet her friends and it was really fun! Later that night Danielle, the kids' mom Chrystine and I went to watch Nathan march in the Frisco High School band. My little brother Nathan is 15 and a sophomore. He plays the trumpet and his band is really good! It was fun, and great to see the kids! I can't believe how big they're getting...Nathan is at least 6 feet tall and Danielle isn't too far behind! Here's some pics of me and the kids!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Date night with the hubby!

Tonight Mike and I went to see "Love Happens" and then went to eat at a new Japanese steakhouse called Hibachi. The movie was good, but not the romantic comedy I was was kinda sad and emotional! Definitely good, just different than I thought it would be! The Hibachi place was really good too, entertaining and very yummy! The funny thing was that we saw about 20 of Mike's students there, all eating to celebrate a friend's birthday! All in all, it was a great date night!

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Last dinner in Alvarado!

In the past year since Shea has lived in Hillsboro, the girls and I would meet her in Alvarado for dinner at the only Mexican food restaurant in the town! It's been fun, but now Shea, Tyler and Anslee are moving to Brownwood, so Friday night was our last trip to "Ole's"! Nikki and London couldn't make it at the last minute, but Kendall, Hadley and Kendall's mom Kathy and Shea and Anslee and I all had a great time! Here's some pics of our last meal in Alvarado! I sure will miss the Moses family!

Sweet Anslee!

Smiley Hadley!

Mommies & babies!

Me & the babies!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Newly Forming Obsession

So this week, due to many of my friend's Facebook statuses, I finally gave in to the curiosity and watched "The Biggest Loser" for the first time...and I loved it! I never thought I would like it, mainly because I never really knew anything about it, but I was curious because so many of my friends love this show. It's very inspiring and emotional, and you find yourself really rooting these contestants on, not just to win the competition, but for their own health and well-being. After watching the first 2 episodes all in one night, I think it is safe to say that I am hooked!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Supporting Crowley!

When Mike got home from practice the other night, he put his shirt on Duchess and she just sat there for like 30 minutes with it funny! Here's a picture of Duchess in the shirt, showing her Crowley Homecoming spirit! ;)

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainy Game!

Well last night, Crowley lost 28-20 against Waco Midway in a very rainy match-up! Crowley played so well, much better than I expected considering Midway is ranked #6 and Crowley isn't even ranked! At least it was a non-district game, though! And I have to say, Whitney and I were very good wives...we drove all the way to Waco and sat in the rain the entire game to support our husbands! We were soaked by the end! Check us out...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Little Mermaid!

So I got Duch a new Halloween costume today while we were at PetsMart...check it out!!

She also got a new collar/tag!

Isn't she cute??

Worn out from her rough day of shots and costumes! ;)
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun with friends!

This weekend I got to see so many great friends! Christen and Ronnie came into town for our fantasy football draft, and we met up with lots of friends to hang out.

Christen & me...she's so crazy! (and I miss her like crazy!)

Shea and me...I'm so sad she's moving too! :(

Nikki and me!

All of the girls at lunch!

London and me...pretty girl!

Anslee and adorable!

Sunday morning-breakfast at Cracker Barrel for our small group reunion with the Leidners!

Such a great weekend!

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