Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aren't they cute?

Duchess is obsessed with Mike...when he comes home from work, she seriously freaks out!! Take a look at this "daddy's girl!"

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Football season is underway!

Our new layout reflects our life right now...football! Mike started football meetings and practices at the beginning of August, but this week marks the start of football 7 days a week! If you didn't know this already, Texas high school football coaches work an INSANE amount of hours during the season! They work so hard, and I just hope the hardwork really pays off this season! We also are involved in several fantasy football leagues (Me, just one; Mike, 3 leagues!) Also, Cowboys games and college football pretty much dominate our T.V. at all times...so I guess it's safe to say, "IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!!"


Another Howling video

Here's another one...she's a mess!

Howling Machine

Having a beagle, you get used to the howling! But when Mike howls with Duchess, she sounds so funny! Watch and enjoy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rangers, good or bad?

This something that I have been thinking about for a while. What can you say about the ranger but the future looks really good. Regardless of what happpens coming down the stretch the Rangers have had a great year and the best us yet to come. With half the roster or more in their early 20s mixed with some timely experience I think things have never been better in Arlington. I mean the rotation looks pretty well intact and this Borbon kid has added a demension to this team that I don't think it has had since I've been alive, with two legit threat on the bases. So just remember Ranger fans if they choke down the stretch the futre is as bright as the mid day sun, hold onto that.

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Fun with the Petty's!

Today after church we played Settlers of Catan with the Petty's. They taught us how to play last year when they moved here and we've loved it ever since! Julia wanted to play too...

Then Petty let us try the desserts he's been making for a cafe in Crowley...and Julia wanted to share mine!

Isn't she a cutie? She's at such a fun age!

I went in to get her out of her crib after her nap, and she was yelling, "Mommy, mommy"...when she saw it was me she started yelling my name instead! Too cute!

Hugging and kissing the bear I gave her!

I just love that girl!!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Look at the control...

Mike was telling Duchess to stay for a really long time before he let her get the tator tot...she did so good! Check it out...

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Mike's Scrimmage

Mike's team looked good tonight at their first scrimmage! Let's hope this will lead to a winning season! (Lord know that will make my life a lot easier!!) Mike's looking at a really rough year teaching...they took away all of his Algebra 2 classes and gave him all Math Models classes, which is basically TAKS prep for kids who didn't pass. Not only that, but 2 of his classes are special Ed inclusion, and another one is the kids who are lower functioning than special Ed kids! Needless to say, he's looking at a hard year teaching, so a winning season would be so wonderful!! Here's some pics from the scrimmage!

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Decorating Mike's Classroom

Today I took the afternoon off to help Mike decorate his classroom. It's hard to believe he's starting his 5th year of teaching! His room looks pretty good, and my mom and I are headed to watch his scrimmage in a little bit to see what the Varsity football team looks like this year. I'm so proud of Mike for all of the hours he puts in to coaching and teaching! He's definitely called to this profession!

Here's some pics of his classroom!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Trips Desciption

Mike and I took some really fun trips this summer!

The first was our 4-year anniversary trip to San Antonio. We stayed in a really nice hotel on the Riverwalk and did lots of fun things, which included: eating on the Riverwalk, shopping, Fiesta Texas, a couples full-body massage, foot massages, and breakfast in bed. It was very relaxing and tons of fun!

Our next trip was a road trip with Christen and Ronnie. Mike and I drove to Lubbock to see Christen and Ronnie's apartment, and then the 4 of us drove to Colorado to see Christen's family. We got to see Jourdan (love her!) and meet Christen's newborn niece, Evie. We have lots of funny memories from the car rides there and back...gotta love road trips!

Our last trip of the summer was a trip with my parents to Boston to see my stepdad Rick's daughter, son-in-law, and their 3 wonderful children. The kids were awesome and adorable and we loved getting to know this part of our family even better. We also did some sight-seeing, went to the beach, and took in a Red Sox game at Fenway! It was a great end to an awesome summer!

Our Summer Trips!

Our 4-year anniversary trip to San Antonio

Road Trip to Colorado with Christen & Ronnie for the 4th of July

Our Trip to Boston with my parents to see Rick's family

Funny Julia story!

Tonight when I went to dinner with Colleen and Julia, I heard the funniest story about her! While Colleen, Mike and Julia were up in Maryland on vacation, Julia had to sleep in her Pack 'n Play, which is usually no problem. This time, it was! The first time they put her down for a nap, Julia screamed for quite a while, then stopped, so they assumed she had cried herself to sleep. When they went in to get her up a few hours later, they found her asleep on the FLOOR...she had climbed out on her own! This started the cycle, so none of them slept very well for the duration of the trip!
When they got home from Maryland and put Julia down for her first nap back in her crib, Mike and Colleen heard her cry, "Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy" through the monitor. When Mike went in to check on her, Julia was HANGING from her crib rail...she had crawled out like she did in her Pack 'n Play, but did not realize the drop to the floor would be so far! How cute is that??
Sweet stories like that make me look forward to the time when I have a little one of my own! Then after dinner, we went to a jewelry showing for one of Mike's fellow teachers' new jewelry line, and we had to take turns shopping while the other one ran after Julia...times like that make me just a little bit glad that I'm not chasing a little toddler just yet! :) All in all, it was a fun little girls night out!

Hangin' with my BFF

I had dinner tonight with Colleen and Julia. Julia is almost 2 now and talking up a storm! (She says "Becky" a lot!) Look how sweet and cute she is in this picture!

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Duchess Ann

Here is a picture of our furry child, Duchess! We love her, and she definitely keeps life interesting! She's been good training for future kids...she's a mess!

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First post from my iPhone

Well I discovered today that there is a blogging app for the iPhone...which will ensure much more frequent blogging on my part! So far, I am really liking this blogging thing...I'm still working on the layout and the info, but so far, fun!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Figuring this all out...

Well I finally decided to make a blog, after having so much fun reading so many of my friends' blogs! I am going to have to play with us in order to make it our own, but should be fun!