Thursday, August 20, 2009

Funny Julia story!

Tonight when I went to dinner with Colleen and Julia, I heard the funniest story about her! While Colleen, Mike and Julia were up in Maryland on vacation, Julia had to sleep in her Pack 'n Play, which is usually no problem. This time, it was! The first time they put her down for a nap, Julia screamed for quite a while, then stopped, so they assumed she had cried herself to sleep. When they went in to get her up a few hours later, they found her asleep on the FLOOR...she had climbed out on her own! This started the cycle, so none of them slept very well for the duration of the trip!
When they got home from Maryland and put Julia down for her first nap back in her crib, Mike and Colleen heard her cry, "Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy" through the monitor. When Mike went in to check on her, Julia was HANGING from her crib rail...she had crawled out like she did in her Pack 'n Play, but did not realize the drop to the floor would be so far! How cute is that??
Sweet stories like that make me look forward to the time when I have a little one of my own! Then after dinner, we went to a jewelry showing for one of Mike's fellow teachers' new jewelry line, and we had to take turns shopping while the other one ran after Julia...times like that make me just a little bit glad that I'm not chasing a little toddler just yet! :) All in all, it was a fun little girls night out!

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  1. ok that is hysterical!!! must be time for a toddler bed now! :)