Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Trips Desciption

Mike and I took some really fun trips this summer!

The first was our 4-year anniversary trip to San Antonio. We stayed in a really nice hotel on the Riverwalk and did lots of fun things, which included: eating on the Riverwalk, shopping, Fiesta Texas, a couples full-body massage, foot massages, and breakfast in bed. It was very relaxing and tons of fun!

Our next trip was a road trip with Christen and Ronnie. Mike and I drove to Lubbock to see Christen and Ronnie's apartment, and then the 4 of us drove to Colorado to see Christen's family. We got to see Jourdan (love her!) and meet Christen's newborn niece, Evie. We have lots of funny memories from the car rides there and back...gotta love road trips!

Our last trip of the summer was a trip with my parents to Boston to see my stepdad Rick's daughter, son-in-law, and their 3 wonderful children. The kids were awesome and adorable and we loved getting to know this part of our family even better. We also did some sight-seeing, went to the beach, and took in a Red Sox game at Fenway! It was a great end to an awesome summer!

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  1. Wow! You've made lots of updates in just one day! The blog looks great. I'll pretend the top picture is you two in TX Rangers gear. ;)