Saturday, September 26, 2009

Date night with the hubby!

Tonight Mike and I went to see "Love Happens" and then went to eat at a new Japanese steakhouse called Hibachi. The movie was good, but not the romantic comedy I was was kinda sad and emotional! Definitely good, just different than I thought it would be! The Hibachi place was really good too, entertaining and very yummy! The funny thing was that we saw about 20 of Mike's students there, all eating to celebrate a friend's birthday! All in all, it was a great date night!

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Last dinner in Alvarado!

In the past year since Shea has lived in Hillsboro, the girls and I would meet her in Alvarado for dinner at the only Mexican food restaurant in the town! It's been fun, but now Shea, Tyler and Anslee are moving to Brownwood, so Friday night was our last trip to "Ole's"! Nikki and London couldn't make it at the last minute, but Kendall, Hadley and Kendall's mom Kathy and Shea and Anslee and I all had a great time! Here's some pics of our last meal in Alvarado! I sure will miss the Moses family!

Sweet Anslee!

Smiley Hadley!

Mommies & babies!

Me & the babies!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Newly Forming Obsession

So this week, due to many of my friend's Facebook statuses, I finally gave in to the curiosity and watched "The Biggest Loser" for the first time...and I loved it! I never thought I would like it, mainly because I never really knew anything about it, but I was curious because so many of my friends love this show. It's very inspiring and emotional, and you find yourself really rooting these contestants on, not just to win the competition, but for their own health and well-being. After watching the first 2 episodes all in one night, I think it is safe to say that I am hooked!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Supporting Crowley!

When Mike got home from practice the other night, he put his shirt on Duchess and she just sat there for like 30 minutes with it funny! Here's a picture of Duchess in the shirt, showing her Crowley Homecoming spirit! ;)

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainy Game!

Well last night, Crowley lost 28-20 against Waco Midway in a very rainy match-up! Crowley played so well, much better than I expected considering Midway is ranked #6 and Crowley isn't even ranked! At least it was a non-district game, though! And I have to say, Whitney and I were very good wives...we drove all the way to Waco and sat in the rain the entire game to support our husbands! We were soaked by the end! Check us out...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Little Mermaid!

So I got Duch a new Halloween costume today while we were at PetsMart...check it out!!

She also got a new collar/tag!

Isn't she cute??

Worn out from her rough day of shots and costumes! ;)
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun with friends!

This weekend I got to see so many great friends! Christen and Ronnie came into town for our fantasy football draft, and we met up with lots of friends to hang out.

Christen & me...she's so crazy! (and I miss her like crazy!)

Shea and me...I'm so sad she's moving too! :(

Nikki and me!

All of the girls at lunch!

London and me...pretty girl!

Anslee and adorable!

Sunday morning-breakfast at Cracker Barrel for our small group reunion with the Leidners!

Such a great weekend!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday Night Domination!

Crowley dominated against Southwest Friday night, winning 48-0! Winning football games always makes for a better weekend in the Evans' home! Hopefully this will be the start of a winning season!! Here's some pics from the game on Friday...

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our crazy "child"

Duchess is nuts, and constantly keeps us laughing! Check her out...



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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"So what exactly do you DO?"

I get this question all the time concerning my profession. I also frequently get the question, "So, Becky, are you a teacher too?" when people find out what Mike does for a living. If I answer this question with, "I'm a counselor", the response is almost always, "Oh, like a school counselor?" I always feel like I give such vague answers concerning my profession which never really do it justice, so I thought I would explain what I do on a deeper level.

I have a B.A. in Psychology, and a Master's in Professional Counseling, and my official license states that I am an LPCi, or Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern. What this means is that I have completed my graduate coursework, I have satisfied a practicum (clinical) and have passed my licensing exam. I can practice as a counselor with LPCi status until I complete 3000 hours of counseling, at which time my license will be upgraded to LPC. Basically, this means I do the job of an LPC, but meet with a board-approved supervisor once a week for consultation until those 3000 hours are completed. That explains my license...

At my job, my title is a Child & Family Specialist. My job can best be described as a mix of Social Work and Counseling. Basically, I receive referrals from CPS, school districts, other social service agencies, or word of mouth, and I set up an assessment with a family. I meet with the family either in my office, in their home, their school, or any other community location to assess what their needs are and how I might be able to assist them. After spending some time talking with the family about their situation, I can usually get a good picture of the services the client is needing, and then go from there. Some of the services I can offer a family are individual, couples, or family therapy, intensive case management, Parenting classes, crisis intervention, budgeting, creating family routines/structure, financial assistance, coordinating with a child's school, connection with other resources (food stamps, Medicaid, etc.) and any other services that might be needed.

What I love about my job is that we offer a more holistic approach to working with a family than just therapy alone. While I love that aspect of my job and see the absolute need for it, I also recognize that a parent living in poverty is not going to want to resolve their own childhood issues in counseling when their very basic needs (food, shelter, clothing) are not being met. The same goes for the kids I work with...they have often been so neglected and traumatized in their daily life, and then are expected to go to school and be completely engrossed in a classroom lesson. We understand that when a child is secure in the fact that they will have electricity when they go home, they are much more able to pay attention to their teacher. When we take on a family, we walk alongside the parents and the children and (hopefully) help them learn how to make better decisions and plan for the future so that the cycle of dysfunction they live in will not be repeated. Most parents I work with state the same thing to me when we talk about their goals: "I just want my kids to have a better life than I did." So many parents want this, but were never taught how to get it, so we try to help them see new ways to do things, and to find the strength inside them that they never knew they had.

Many people think therapy is people coming to you, spilling out their problems to you, and then the therapist says, "Ok, here's what you need to do." Then the client does what the therapist says and all is well in the world. Hardly. A therapist's job is to help the client find the resources inside themselves to make their lives livable. This might mean letting a grieving person work through the anger without condemnation, letting a frustrated teen vent about their parents and the drama of being a teen, or helping a parent at their end of their rope who doesn't know how to do things differently. As a therapist, I don't offer MY solutions, but rather help the client discover what it is they really want, and what might be holding them back from getting it.

My job is interesting, exciting, challenging and extremely rewarding. It's so fulfilling to be able to help a family realize their potential and help them learn how to start to change the patterns in their lives. It's also heartbreaking sometimes to realize that people will never change until they are ready to work for that change, and to realize that there are limits to what I can do for a family. I feel so blessed that the Lord allows me to be involved in these families' lives, even just for a time, to inspire whatever change and hope I can. I know my job will NEVER be boring, and know without a doubt that I am doing what I was called to do. What more could I ask for, than to know I am using the talents the Lord has given me for His glory...and by doing that, I am also helping others realize their potential!

So that is a sense of what I do! I love my job and am so thankful I followed the Lord's leading into this amazing profession! See why I can't sum it up in a quick answer, or really even in this blog post! But hopefully, after reading this (if you're still reading this!) you will have a better idea of what I do on a daily basis. I'm so glad I can truly say that I LOVE what I do!