Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daisy Update

Well it looks like we may be puggle-less by this sweet and cute as Daisy is, she has not been a good fit for our family. Since we have to keep her in a cage all day, by the time we get home she is WILD all night long...during the time when we just want to relax! She never tires out or gives Duchess a break, and she seems to be stressing us all out! We have talked to a couple who have another puggle with just as much energy, and they are coming to see her on Friday, and hopefully, make her part of their family. I think she would be a great dog for a family with a dog with as much energy as her, or if she was an "only dog", but she and Duchess are not meshing so well. (Duchess is really spoiled and used to being THE dog of the house!) So it looks like Duchess will be an "only child" until we have a real child! We're disappointed it didn't work out, but we think this is the best thing for our family right now! I am sure we will find her a great home to stay!

1 comment:

  1. sorry to hear about this. :(

    puggles do have a lot of energy. God bless.