Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Final Chapter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Daniel Radcliffe/Emma Watson/Rupert Grint My Grade: A-

Well the Harry Potter series is complete, but it did now go quietly. The last movie in the most followed series ever watched will fulfill every Harry Potter sensation you have. From start to finish this film will have you on the edge of your seat. It starts where part one left off, and I mean exactly where it left off. I think that was a cool tribute to how these two movies were made out of one book. I know its kind of a given but this was by far the best movie in the series due to the actors having gained experience, the movie being put into the film, and the director wanting to go out with a bang. The cinematography in this film is brilliant especially during the trolley ride in Gringotts and in the casting of the protection spells around the castle. I thought that was a particularly cool part of the film as both sides are preparing for the "Battle
Royale". They did a great job of building that fight scene up from the camera work to the music (which I think is a highly underrated part of this whole series) of the scene to the tension portrayed by the actors.
I have to give it to David Yates in that he has stayed pretty close to the books which I know some fans have aptly criticized. Now I am sure he changed a few things but that is needed when making a book into a feature film, but I do believe he captured the very nature of the book and was able to create a movie that someone who has never read the books would love. Yates did a wonderful job of celebrating the good vs evil that is rampant through out the series and really comes to a head in this movie. The way he captured that struggle and personalized it so that the audience could relate with the way Harry was feeling was his best feat. I do believe he rushed the final blow that killed Voldemort. I just think the movie felt like this perfect date and that was just a kiss on the cheek instead of the perfect end to the date, if that makes any sense. Other them that my only other criticism would be the way everyone looked "19 years later". As one movie goer was quoted in saying, "The years were not very kind to Ginny.", but if that's the only thing wrong then its a pretty good movie. Now I know what you're saying, Mike if you liked the movie so much why did you give it an A-? You see with a movie that is hyped so much it has to outdo the hype in order for it to score higher than that.

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