Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Action Movie for the Whole Family

Captain America Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell
My Grade: B+
This was one of the best movies for the whole family that I have seen in a while. If you like comic book movies and their story lines then this is a movie you will thoroughly enjoy. Joe Johnston pulls an interesting and highly effective tactic to make Evans look like a scrawny helpless boy. The movie opens with this pitiful looking Evans wanting badly to enlist but continuously getting rejected. Enter the sci-fi doctor, and this poor excuse for a solider turns into what we know as Captain America. I think Evans has come a long way from his days in "Not Another Teen Movie", and even though this role didn't require a lot of depth, Evans performed his part to perfection.
This movie contained everything you want in a well balanced film. First ,of course, is the action which is in great display during this movie. What I will note is the lack of cheesiness to the action that can be prevalent in most comic book films. Next is the love story in which Johnston did a good job of presenting the romance between Evans and Atwell in a secondary way that was complimentary to the overall plot but at the same time took nothing away from the comic book style of the film. And lastly, the part of the movie I think the family will love is that this is a clean (no language or sex or gruesome violence) movie in every way without losing the edge intended by most action movies. I believe the movie was made clean on purpose to stick with the Captain America essence, which is to say he is the ultimate all American boy. They also used a familiar bad guy in the man of Hugo Weaving who first became took on the villain role as Agent Smith. I think that Weaving relishes these roles because he seems to so easily fall into them.

Side note: If you stay to the end of the film you will see a pleasant upcoming movie surprise.

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