Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mud Run!

This weekend I watched Mike and some of our friends do the Mud Run and it was so funny! It's basically a 6 mile run with mud obstacles all throughout it. They all finished and did great; I'm so proud of them! Best of all, I got to meet Abby from Biggest Loser season 8 and she was awesome! Check out the pics below!

The group-before!

Christen and Kylie in the mud pit!

Jacob & Jenny all covered!

Look at that sexy mud-
covered man!

Mike & me after the Mud Run!

Part of the group after the race!

Christen & me with Abby from
the Biggest Loser season 8!

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  1. So the best part wasn't hanging out with your BF Christen it was meeting Abby? Ok fine meeting Abby was pretty cool!